That’s what our customers have to say. Come discover for yourself why everyday our patrons say we make the best cupcakes on the West Coast.  And that's just for starters!

We have a cupcake for every occasion, appetite and tastebud, with a daily menu of 11 cake flavors and 11 frosting flavors!  And that doesn't include our rotating seasonal flavors.

Baked fresh daily, our cupcakes are available in 3 sizes:
-Bite-sized mini cupcakes, perfect for kids and others with smaller appetites.
-“Kidcakes”, our standard size cupcake, 
-Gourmet Cupcakes, twice the size of a kidcake!

Ida's customers can grab a pre-frosted cupcake on-the-go, or have their custom selections frosted to order, usually while you wait! It's best to call ahead for orders of one dozen or more.

Our same great recipes are used in our party bundt cakes and custom-decorated layer cakes.
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